History project Winery Joaquin Fernandez

​History project Winery Joaquin Fernandez​

History begins with the viticultural tradition of Puente Genil, Córdoba, where Joaquin Fernandezis coming from. The Vineyard atmosphere traps and charms him, to pursue the idea of making his own draft winery.

But it is not until he discovers the area of the Serranía de Ronda, with its past and its wine climatic and edaphic peculiarities, when he decides for this region. Finally he finds in the "Fruits Farm Finca" the perfect place that always had in mind.

Farm/Finca Los Frutales

"Fruits Farm Finca", covered within the DO. Malaga Hills/mountain sare located inside of the Range of Ronda, located 3 Km North from the town of Ronda, and within about 40 kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea. Is guarded by two mountain complex, to the south east by the Hills de las Nieves and southwest by the Hills de Grazalema, protecting it from the strong winds of the coast. With regard to rainfall, the average amount of 500 L per year. Concluding a compendium of elements that creates an unique climatic conditions.

The farm is about 700 m of altitude, which causes to be subjected to a slightly more extreme weather, hot days and cool nights, which provoke the character of the grapes. It has a slope of 15 %, prompting soils with good drainage and good aeration. The Farm is oriented precisely to the south, receiving a uniform solar radiation during the whole vegetative period of the plant.

The soil is clayey, sandy, calcareous, very rich in minerals, which enriches the grape juice and gives intense flavour to the wine. The high content in limestone (20 %), makes softer soil that allows the penetration of the vineyardsroots, also reflects sunlight and stores its heat for the night period, very suitable for structured, complex and elegant wines.

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