Harvest and elaborations

The time has arrived, for which all the year, we have worked, aiming to reach a better vintage production than the previous one.

On early August, we started to follow very closely the developments in the grapes, by visual inspection, analytical and organoleptic, to collect the grapes at the best time.

The entire harvest is hand made and during the early hours of the morning, when the grape are fresher and revived after the night. The first variety we collect is Merlot, dedicated to the development of white wine out of a red wine grape. Vintage that is usually in mid-august, is already looking for parameters to produce a white wine with an alcoholic graduation average12.5 °, good acidity and aromas more fresh.

We will continue the vintage of Merlot for mid-September, already with parameters more directed to the development of red wines, with more maturity (skin and pips).

The rest of varieties, Syrah, Grenache and finish with the variety Cabernet Sauvignon in mid-October.

The elaboration of our wines is a process in which we are going to release and express the qualities of our grapes. Experience is our key of success, adapting techniques to the different varieties and vintages to achieve the best choice from each one of them.

The process of development begins, from manual collection, where the best bunches are selected and collected, transport them in boxes of 15 Kg, with a minimum amount of time since they have been collected until that gets at the winery.

Grapes will be submitted to alcoholic fermentations with indigenous yeast, temperature controlled, and malolactic fermentation in oak barrels.

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