Ecological Management

The ecological concept at the legislative level initiates of the basic premise of not to use any synthetic chemical products. But the interesting thing of the ecological concept, is to achieve (as primary objective) a natural balance between all the elements involved in a plantation.

For this purpose, the decision of study in depth the Finca is made, including the vineyards and its natural environment, to understand the interrelationships between them and be able to manage the property in the best way.

This is a handicraft work of observation, constancy and sensitivity considering the complexity of elements involved in the vineyard.

Field operations are focus on strengthening all the elements that make up this ecosystem:

- starting with respect and encourage the beneficial flora and fauna of the medium itself, taking particular care with the treatments that are carried out to the vineyard.

- Considering the vital importance of the activity of a living soil, that promotes its strengths reducing digging , leaving the indigenous vegetation cover during the winter or reinstating the soil remains of pruning, pomace wine and vegetation cover. Also with the intention of reducing soil compaction, we encourage the natural fertilisation and weed control, including sheep grazing during the winter months.

Performing operations to the vineyard, such as pruning, aim the plant balance, to reduce their production, to improve the distribution of their branches and leaves, regulating its exposure to the sun and aeration. In terms of the treatments carried out in the vineyard, It will be made exclusively with products allowed within organic agriculture and directed mainly to strengthen the plant and its natural defense. Limited to a little bit of copper in the month of May and sulphur during the rest of the harvest. In some cases treatment is performed with natural soaps or plant extracts.

This contribute to a healthy plant, fully installed in the environment, more resistant to diseases and pests, with fruits more balanced in complexion that will give us quality wines.

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